McClew Interpretive Center at Murphy's Orchard

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Murphy’s Orchard is Western New York’s only National Park Service “Network to Freedom” site, where visitors can learn the role of the farm and its owners in the Underground Railroad.  

Charles McClew established this farm, now known as Murphy Orchards, in 1850. Charles and his wife Anna Marie are believed to have been involved in the Underground Railroad Network from 1850 until 1861.

The house, barn and orchards themselves remain virtually as they were when built 150 years ago, offering an authentic setting for sharing the history of the Underground Railroad.  Within the barn, visitors can watch a short video about Murphy’s Orchard and the Underground Railroad.

Additionally, as a working farm, Murphy’s Orchard is able to share how farming in the new American Colonies eventually led to the horrifying chattel slavery that existed for generations. 

The idyllic setting in Burt gives visitors plenty of opportunity to embrace an early 18th century farm.   A classic tea room is located within the home and an assortment of fresh produce, jams and jellies are available for sale in the barn.   Visitors can also enjoy picking their own fruit as it comes in season.

Official site of the Niagara Falls National Heritage Area Junior Ranger Program.

2402 McClew Rd
Burt, NY 14028
(716) 778-7926

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Did you know?

The Niagara River, as is the entire Great Lakes Basin of which the river is an integral part, is a legacy of the last Ice Age. 18,000 years ago southern Ontario was covered by ice sheets 2-3 kilometers thick.


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