Intern with the Niagara Falls National Heritage Area

Internships available for Fall 2016 and Spring 2016 are listed below. Contact Ally Spongr at for more information.

Burial Permits Project Internship

The Niagara Falls National Heritage Area offers this unpaid internship in partnership with Oakwood Cemetery for college students and recent graduates pursuing careers in history, library and information science, museum studies, archives, art and tourism, and related fields. Historic Oakwood Cemetery was established in 1852 on land donated by Lavinia Porter, and would become the final resting place for families whose names are associated with the growth and development of Niagara Falls as a great industrial city and a world-renowned tourist attraction.

The Burial Permits Project Internship at Oakwood Cemetery will provide interns with the opportunity for hands-on experience digitizing historical documents. Over the course of the semester, the intern will be responsible for digitizing Oakwood Cemetery’s burial permits which cover a period of 130 years. In addition to digitizing the burial permits, further research will be required. A research project will be designed to focus on intern’s interests and experience, and will assist Oakwood Cemetery in further documentation of their residents. Interns can choose to research residents from some of Niagara’s most exciting times, including Annie Edson Taylor – the first person to travel over the Falls in a barrel, the Porter family – City of Niagara Falls founding fathers, who had ties to the Underground Railroad, and many citizens of notable military accomplishments and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Interns will be required to commit to 8 hours per week over the duration of the semester, but the amount of time required may differ, depending on requirements (if any) for the student’s degree program. A portion of the intern’s research may need to be completed at the Local History Department of the Niagara Falls Public Library or at other locations. The final research project is due upon completion of the internship.

To apply, please submit a resume or CV and application to for consideration. 

Underground Railroad Interpretive Programming Internship

The Niagara Falls National Heritage Area, in partnership with the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Area, offers one Underground Railroad Interpretive Programming Internship per semester for an upper level undergraduate or graduate student. The internship will provide the opportunity for the intern to assist with primary research of the Underground Railroad in Niagara Falls, develop interpretive materials, educational content, and design and facilitate programs that address the needs of adult, school, and youth and family audiences. The internship will align with the preparation of the opening of the Underground Railroad Heritage Center in 2017.

The intern will be required to work independently and collaboratively with team members to conduct primary research on the Underground Railroad in Niagara Falls, and create interpretive and educational materials for the Heritage Center. Interpretive topics may include but are not limited to, the Cataract House, African American Hotel Workers, the African American Community in Niagara Falls, Underground Railroad Incidents, and Connections with Canada.

As part of the research internship, work may can include any of the following tasks:



To apply, please submit a resume or CV and application to for consideration. Applications are available for download at,

Social Media Internship

The Niagara Falls National Heritage Area offers this unpaid Social Media Internship for high school students, college students and recent graduates. Interns will be required to create and operate a social media project using a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or others. The project will be designed based on the intern’s academic background, professional skills, interests, and/or career goals, and fit a NFNHA project need.

Social media interns will gain a broad understanding of how a National Heritage Area functions as well as specific skills related to social media marketing and development. Interns will participate in the ongoing work of the NFNHA and complete a specific social media project that is part of larger initiatives. The internship will include various tasks such as assisting with social media posts, developing material for social media distribution, event/program promotion, photographing/blogging about events and/or programs, conducting research relating to social media projects, creating/designing an intern blog, and other tasks.

As part of the social media internship, the intern will have the opportunity to further develop skills in order to:



To apply, please submit a resume or CV and application to for consideration.

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Before the invention of film, tourists would sketch pictures of the Falls.

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